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Merely understanding management concepts is not enough in today's dynamic business world; management must be brought to life. The role of a manager is to engage at all levels in a company hierarchy; ensuring goals are set and the right conditions are created to achieve them. To do this a manager must possess and actively utilise a wide range of skills and a process that works, both are included in this programme.

Reflection is an important part of a manager's first 100 days, it enables us to think about the business, where we are now, where should we be and more importantly what needs to be done to bridge identified gaps. Therefore a key element in this programme is the importance of reflection and how to maximise the opportunities and insight reflection can offer. 

First 100 Days as a Manager

Management Development Training

Who is the Managers First 100 Days programme for?

Anyone who is aspiring to progress within a business or starting out on their managerial career and wants to set in place the correct processes, behaviours and actions needed for them to succeed. It is also relevant for existing managers, with limited experience, who are facing more challenges than expected in the role.  

Subjects covered

  • What is Management? what does being a manager mean? and what is the difference between management and leadership.

  • Establishing the current position – ‘as-is’ state.

  • Establishing what an organisation needs from the manager - ‘to-be’ state.

  • Identifying the gap between ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’.

  • Establishing goals and success factors (where do we need to be?).

  • Utilising workplace expertise and gaining buy in.

  • How to establish ownership from the whole team for the obtained results..

  • Required management skills:

a. Team building and development

b. Role modelling behaviour

c. Managing resources

d. Motivation

e. Receiving and giving feedback

f. Managing performance

g. Communication

h. Problem solving and decision making

i. Positive management habits

j. Assertiveness

k. Planning

l. Managing yourself

  • Scenario based sessions that build in complexity throughout the programme.

  • Creating an implementable action plan.

Type of Programme

This is a practical programme directly linked to 'life in work'. It introduces delegates to the basic skills and activities a manager performs throughout their career, in a workshop setting, then, over the next 94 days, provides them an opportunity to implement the skills and set up their role to achieve success.

Duration and delivery schedule

100 days. 5 day workshop, 94 days back in the workplace implementing the Management skills, 1 day feedback and programme review


This programme sets in place three basic components that need to be identified then enhanced throughout the whole of a managers career, these are:

• What are our goals, targets and aspirations? – ‘to-be’ state.
• Where are we now? – ‘as-is’ state.
• What needs to be in place to bridge and maintain the gaps between the two states.

The first 100 days in a management role are critical, this programme reduces risk and accelerates progress

The pitfalls for a new manager

All too often at the start of a management career people move into ‘existing and established jobs’ and try to carry on as the other person did before.


The risk associated with this transition can be minimised if the infrastructure, coaching and development are in place prior to them taking up the new position. But as we all know this is not the norm and in a lot of cases people develop the skills as the challenges arise, which may be too late.

Alternative Leadership and Management Development Programmes

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