The programme

‘'Achieve' is an in-house leadership development programme set around a coaching framework. 

Without doubt, the only difference between high and low productivity, is the performance of the team responsible for it. This programme enhances the structures and skills needed to achieve and maintain high performing teams and workplaces, through performance coaching.


Leadership Development Training

Who is Achieve for?

Achieve is an ideal development option for leaders in decision making roles, looking for a leading edge on their competition.

Programme structure

Stage 1
Concentrates on the ‘as-is’ situation and consists of two components:

  • Leadership and management development’ analysis. Secure and confidential developmental feedback process that explores how a leader is performing in a range of leadership competencies.

  • Team maturity and culture analysis. Team members complete a secure and confidential online questionnaire to determine the level of effectiveness and current activity.

Stage 2 
Feedback is provided using the questionnaire results and is set in a workplace context. We explore, through coaching, how to get the best out of the leader and their team.
The final component in this stage concentrates on developing a ‘to-be’ performance improvement plan implemented during stage 3.
Stage 3
Implementation of agreed, delegate owned, development plans. We only remember 7% of information covered on training courses after 30 days, therefore this stage is crucial in reinforcing and developing key skills covered on the programme, as well as offering an excellent opportunity to create immediate measurable business success.

During this stage we provide coaching support to help achieve the required objectives and improve workplace performance.

Stage 4
Review progress towards the ’to-be’ end state, refection of learning gains and evolving a continuous improvement mind-set.

Type of Programme

A practical hands on programme, which involves delegates from the same business to ensure confidentiality is maintained. Modules can be run in house or at one of our learning centres across the UK.

Duration and delivery schedule


10 weeks. Stage 1 - 1 day, Stage 2 - 2 days, Stage 3 - 8 weeks, Stage 4 1 day


All employees are from the same business on this very targeted and proactive programme, which is structured around a direct 360 feedback loop provided by the delegates business. Feedback is used as a start point, after which solutions are generated through performance coaching followed by the implementation of targeted development actions.


Achieve success through high challenge coaching brings about improved performance for everyone

What Achieve does

  • Introduces the conditions needed to create and  maintain a motivated workforce.

  • Delivers clear and concise communication.

  • Uses team problem solving methods that focus on eliminating the cause of problems not the symptoms.

  • Creates and delivers concise business goals.

  • Creates a sustainable continuous improvement culture.

  • Delivers feedback that encourages team member skills and competence

  • Develops high performing teams and individuals.

Alternative Leadership and Management Development Programmes

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