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95% of training budgets are spent on improving knowledge and skills but 85% of organisational underperformance is caused by attitude, habit and behaviour, and it is these that set an organisation on a route to poor productivity and ineffectiveness. Therefore more focus needs to be concentrated on tackling this cause of under performance, not enhancing an organisation's training input.

All private and public sector organisations encounter many challenges and transition opportunities in their quest for greater operational efficiency, these involve the way people work and the established practices that determine how people work. Are staff motivated? Do they work together? Do they take responsibility for continuous improvement? Do they want success? ACT ensures the answer to each question will be “yes” and that the required change happens through collaborative involvement.


We help organisations that recognise working with their people is what really counts. After all, what is the benefit in having brilliant minds working on the organisations side if they are not on the same side when working together? what would be the impact if everyone was working towards the same purpose?

Achieving Change Together

Business Performance Improvement Programme

Who is ACT for?

Organisations that want to create a positive 'shift' and 'impact' in their workplace. Those directly participating in the process don't need to be operating at a senior level, they just need the enthusiasm and autonomy to make work a great and profitable place to be engaged with. 

Programme structure

ACT is a modular programme, each module consists of a 3 day facilitated workshop, which focusses on the following:


Module 1 Identify current performance

  • Leadership/management feedback (180/360).

  • Team maturity and culture auditing.

  • Customer satisfaction review.

  • Issues forums (people and process).

  • Skills and behaviour analysis.

  • Visioning and Purpose creation.

Module 2 feedback and planning

  • Establish deliverables and success criteria.

  • Strategic and tactical plan development.

  • Impact assessment.

  • Agreeing responsibilities and ownership.

  • Stakeholder analysis and plan.

  • Creating ‘buy in’.

  • Communication plan.

  • Creation of a Baton passing plan.

Module 3 implementation

  • Coaching and mentoring.

  • PEC (process enhancements and change).

  • Performance management improvements.

  • Leadership and team development interventions.

  • Functional training.

  • Implement communication plan.

  • Customer service actions.

Module 4 review and sign off.

Targeted review areas will focus on topics such as:  

  • increased team maturity

  • enhanced productivity

  • improved customer satisfaction

  • increased people satisfaction

  • reduced process waste

  • improved leadership and management capability

  • enhanced organisational communications

  • sustained continuous improvement

  • successful skills transfer

  • handover of actions batons.

Type of Programme

A practical hands on programme, which involves delegates from the same business to ensure confidentiality is maintained. Modules can be run in house or one of our learning centres across the UK.


ACT offers flexibility: it is not a rigid set process. It is not rote learning. It is about using a methodology that works to achieve the required changes. We give employees and organisations the tools to create, with our assistance, how they will be more effective and successful. ACT provides businesses with the opportunity to achieve success by fine tuning processes and competence that are core to delivering effective results.

ACT deliver success, providing the transition framework from the AS-IS state through to the TO-BE state 

  • improving leadership capability that transforms strategy and plans into action

  • improving business processes and operational efficiency

  • enhancing organisational communication that resolves issues and builds an ownership culture

  • building strong internal customer networks and harmonised working practices

  • creating ‘Can do’ mind-sets that challenge status quo and removes barriers.

  • transitions between the 'As-Is' to the 'TO-BE' state.

Alternative Change, Transition and OD Programmes

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