The programme

‘Centurion' is a 5 day leadership programme followed by 94 days of supported onsite development to maximise learning. Its perfect for leaders who want to achieve greater success at a personal and organisational level.

Understanding leadership concepts is not enough in today's dynamic business world; leadership must be brought to life. The leaders role is to engage at all levels in their company hierarchy, ensuring everyone is working towards the same Purpose and the right environment is created.

Reflection is an important part of Centurion, it enables leaders think about their teams and personal responsibilities, where are we now? where should we be in the future? 


Leadership Development Training 

10 things we do that make ‘Centurion’ a great leadership development programme:


  1. Create leadership role models

  2. Develop the behaviours needed to create a Common Purpose

  3. Develop high impact communication and listening skills

  4. Enhance awareness of leadership styles needed to achieve success

  5. Enhance review and feedback skills.

  6. Generate leadership that sets, sells and achieves challenging goals

  7. Develop leadership behaviours that create brilliant teams

  8. Enhance decision-making, delegation, and problem solving skills

  9. Generate personal development plans to transfer learning into action

  10. Create a leadership network and stakeholder mind-set

Alternative Leadership and Management Development Programmes
Who is Centurion for?

‘Centurion' is designed for new or developing leaders who want to enhance the essential leadership skills needed to inspire, influence and motivate their teams.

Subjects covered
  • Purpose - why do we exist, what is our focus?

  • Communication - sharing and receiving information to ensure everyone understands what needs to be done.

  • Motivation - creating the environment that brings out the best in everyone.

  • Feedback - providing people with the response they need to improve.

  • Managing behaviour - shaping and developing attitudes, actions and mind-set.

  • Role-modelling - behaving in a manner that sets the standard for success.

  • Inspiration - personal achievement is greater when people are inspired to succeed.


Type of Programme

Practical programme delivering high impact experiential learning, combined with learning set discussions. Each component of the process interweaves to form a leadership profile, developed and owned by all participants. Learning is then delivered back into the workplace over the next 94-days, in partnership with the delegate's sponsoring line manager and Reach Another Level. The event ends with a 1 day follow up and review.

Duration and delivery schedule

100 days. Module 1 - 5 day workshop, Module 2 - 94 days on-site implementation, Module 3 - 1 day review


If you have ever asked this question “do our leadership team need to improve” and the answer is “yes”, then this programme is for you. We generate the motivation needed to perform beyond the training event, taking delegates into a sustainable learning zone, only limited by their willingness to seek out future opportunities.


Centurion is designed to eliminate leadership excuses and increase leadership Impact

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