Change happens, its all around us and it impacts on every workplace. But what do we do when it happens or needs to happen? how do people cope? what do those responsible for the process do when dealing with employees emotions. To answer these questions and equip businesses with the skills and competence needed to take people with them on what can be a very challenging journey, Reach Another Level has created this dynamic programme.

Its all to easy to get caught up in the mechanistic elements of change, a new computer system, outsourcing of distribution, implementation of CI (Continuous Improvement). But when these things happen emotions, feels, beliefs and values are impacted upon and different people cope in different ways. Some take to the 'new' immediately (bring it on) whist others get lost in turmoil, never wanting to let go


Change and Transition Training 

Who is the Jigsaw Change & Transition programme for?

This course is for those responsible for managing change and transition across businesses and want to understand how to act and behave to achieve the best out come for all. Transition impacts on everyone differently, therefore it is important to note, attendees should be in a position to implement what is being covered.

Subjects covered

All material is set in the context of change from the employee perspective and what the business needs to do to guide them through the process. Topic focus includes:

  • what change and transition are and what is within your control

  • a leaders role in managing transition

  • stages of transition (change curve) and what actions are required at each stage

  • creating the conditions for success

  • role of coaching through the transition process

  • handling resistance to change and creating change champions

  • Kurt Lewin’s concept of ‘unfreeze, move, refreeze’

  • communicating through transition

  • using change to create new possibilities.


Type of Programme

A practical hands on workshop that gets everyone involved in both discussion and implementation of the Change and Transition process. 


Jigsaw focuses on the components of Change and Transition from an employees perspective. It equips key stakeholder with the awareness and skills needed to limit the negative impact of transition and bring about change through the contribution of as many people as possible. 

You don't manage the Change you can only manage the Transition

Why is the 'Jigsaw' programme important?

Change is when something moves from one thing to another, change cannot be managed, you don't manage change, you manage the transition.

Jigsaw helps you manage that transition from a people perspective. It enables you to Get2Grips with the process that causes, on many occasions, so much stress, anxiety and uncertainty for many employees. For people to 'Let go' of the past, fly through the air (transition) and hope the future (new beginning) is going to be a secure place to work, key stakeholders need to utilise a wide skills base. Only when confidence, clarity and the will are in place and managed appropriately, can change be effective.

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