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For people to 'Let go' of the past, fly through the air (transition) and hope the future (new beginning) is going to be a secure place to work, key stakeholders need to utilise a wide skills base. This programme provides key stakeholders with the skills to create confidence, clarity and the will employees need to get involved and deliver the change organisations seek on an ongoing basis. 


Creating sustainable organisational performance improvements through the engagement and input of employees is critical to the ongoing development of all businesses. To help businesses facilitate people focussed performance improvement we have created this dynamic OD programme, explore the key components, responsibilities, skills and applicable interventions of OD.


(Achieving Change Together)

All organisations encounter challenges in their quest for greater operational efficiency. 


These performance challenges involve the way people work and the established practices that determine how people work. ACT (Achieving Chance Together) provides solutions that build a high performing culture and create a new norm.

Change Coin Options

Other L&D Programme Themes and Options

One side of the 'Change Coin' sits mechanistic and process change and transition components, this aspect of change takes place all the time, its easy to complete (in most cases), you gather the data, create the scope, develop a plan, implement it, job done. However, on the other side of the 'Change Coin' sit the people responsible for and impacted by the changes created on the process side of the coin. The people side of the coin, is the side we focus on, its the side that needs managing through transition to achieve the best possible results.

For some people change and transition is life changing (positive or negative), whilst for others there is little impact. At Reach Another Level we concentrate on creating the conditions needed to effect change, for all, through the positive engagement and involvement of employees. We look at building confidence, commitment, engagement and impact through the stakeholders and leadership teams, responsible for both sides of the 'Change Coin'


The programmes and activity below all focus, in different ways, on delivering change and shared Common Purpose.

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