The programme

The success of coaching in the workplace is directly dependant upon the contribution and application by the people with coaching responsibility. Effective coaching will release potential in individuals and the organisation as a whole.

This very participative 2-day course provides the skills, methodology and mind-set needed to make coaching work, then build on the added value contributions being made by employees, at all levels. Businesses that have an 'ask' culture outperform those with a 'tell' culture and coaching is a central component in establishing an 'ask' process.

We explore and practice coaching approaches, building the process logically throughout, ending at a point where delegates can take back to work the skills and mind-set needed to maximise the potential of all employees. To achieve this we explore facts on coaching and discuss what delegates need to do back at work, ensuring ownership is created and built upon. Managers will be given the confidence to adopt a 'coaching management style' and deliver it to their teams at an operational level.

Performance Coaching Training

Who is Performance Coaching for?

Line managers and leadership teams at all levels in a business, that have responsibility for performance at individual and team level.

Subjects covered

  • What is coaching?

  • How it differs from training and line management.

  • Values and benefits of coaching.

  • The coaching framework.

  • Coaching skills and behaviour.

  • Dealing with underperforming staff.

  • Offering and receiving feedback.

  • Review and action planning.

  • Building a coaching process and the key stages of coaching. This is a group activity and will run inline with each discussion and exercise.

As components of the process are covered they will be added to a coaching framework (‘learning wall’), which acts as a review / focal point at various stages in the programme.

Type of Programme

It is a practical coaching programme that concentrates on developing the skills, knowledge and understanding required to carryout effective performance coaching. Activity is structured around discussions on coaching components followed by interactive coaching sessions (1:1 and group). Each sessions builds on the process in a logical transparent way. 



2 days


We aim for each delegate to take back to work at least one implementable personal development action and one team related action. Combined with a roll out plan focussing how to maximise the impact of coaching in the workplace.


Coaching does more than ask questions, it creates 'high challenge' which leads to insight and new thinking

Performance Coaching event concentrates on:
  • Understanding what coaching is and how to consistently apply the approach.

  • Developing a coaching approach that fits into a busy work schedule.

  • Understanding the differences between line management, training and coaching.

  • Creating, with staff, personal development plans and goals.

  • Delivering and receiving constructive feedback.

  • Defining and appling the skills and behaviours good coaches need.

  • Challenging the climate employees operate in.

  • Developing a coaching mind-set.

Alternative Leadership and Management Development Programmes

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