The programme

'Impact' equips attendees with the skills and capability to provide a business with the information and confidence needed to either sign off the collision investigation process or take the collision investigation to the next level.


Prompt and accurate information gathering ensures businesses establish quickly the cause of most vehicle collisions and create a springboard to prevent more serious situations occurring. There are two distinct advantages in doing this:


  • Significant cost saving and benefits are realised when delays are reduced, correct decisions made and early follow up action is taken. The overall goal should always be to reduce 'Vehicle Accident Frequency Rates'.

  • If in the future a claim is received a business can provide all required documentation within the Ministry of Justice timescale framework'

The workshop is enhanced with the use of 'driver actors' who bring to life the collision investigation process (business specific scenarios). Actors can spend time prior to a workshop with one of your drivers to gain an understanding of the operation, type of problems encountered etc. this information will be used to make the case study investigations more business specific.

Collision Investigation and Reporting Training

Who is the Collision Investigation programme for?

All employees involved in the fleet operations and the accident reporting and investigation process. Participants attending the 'Root Cause Analysis module' need to attend this workshop first.

Programme topic contents

‘Building block’ subjects covered throughout the day are added seamlessly into the training, set around role-play case studies to aid learning. These include:


  • Carrying out current document and procedural review to ensure everybody is at the same starting point.

  • Case study reviews of past investigations/accidents and the resulting consequences.

  • How to build rapport with the interviewee(s) to ensure a complete (as far as possible) picture and understating of the accident is identified then documented. Inc. body language, tone of voice, interpreting feedback signals, improving incident recall etc.

  • Developing and delivering enhanced questioning techniques.

  • Fully utilising proactive listening skills and controlling the review to ensure you and the other person listens effectively.

  • Offering and receiving feedback to improve future performance.

  • Introduction to root cause analysis and its intricacies.

  • Relationship between the post accident investigation process and corrective actions i.e. risk assessment review, feedback to other employees etc.

  • Identification and exploration of roles and responsibilities of drivers and related company personnel.

  • Understating what shapes behaviour and how to use this to reduce accidents in the future.

  • Creating a ‘take back to work’ framework of all the information, stages, tools and process needed to complete an initial insurance accident report form, which includes an objective report/statement of ‘what happened at the scene’ of the collision.

  • Mapping out a process of continuous improvement that targets current (if applicable) shortfalls, which can be applied back in the workplace.

Type of Programme

'Impact' is a practical collision investigation programme, which hits the ground running when a phone call is received notifying the group of an accident, which has just happened. From this point and for the rest of the day the accident unfolds, the driver (actor) comes back into the transport office for a debrief and the process followed to a level the delegates know what to do the next time any of their team has an accident 


1 day event preferably run on client's premises


The programme’s structure blends each component together into key building blocks. Attendees start with a simple investigation process e.g. what they currently do then build towards the required process through the day. This approach ensures complexity / depth is added as we proceed, making the learning and more importantly the application more manageable back at work.

A collision investigation workshop that helps organisations defend future claims and reduces accidents 

Programme outcomes include:


On completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • Fully understand and manage the vehicle accident report procedure and complete all documents in full.

  • Conduct driver debrief interviews with structure and confidence to a depth that obtains all relevant information.

  • Complete a series of case study investigations to include:

    • What happened in the vehicle collision, how and why

    • Current status (is there still risk? is it safe? etc.)

    • Producing a vehicle accident report for insurance company submission

    • Identifying follow up action

    • Creating and implementing a corrective action plan.

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