The programme

A facilitated programme that embeds a vehicle safety culture and behaviours into a business, which supports and maintains the reduction of vehicle accidents, reducing the loss claims ratio and associated cost for a business, its customers and their insurers.


This initiative builds on best practice and established processes. This is not a training course; it is a workplace project designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of current organisational behaviour, processes and performance. We work with a business to identify achievable benefits and performance gains then implement identified components into the workplace.

Fleet Safety Management Training

Who is the Vehicle Safety Management programme for?

Fleet managers and traffic departments teams who have a responsibility for delivering a risk free process and conditions. 

Programme topic contents

Interventions in this package are varied dependant upon the needs of the business and the extent of the programmes roll out across a business. Typical content includes:


  • Exploring where the business is today re accident statistics, cost etc. As-Is state.

  • Identification of why the current situation exists.

  • Clarification of the future ‘To-Be’ state and the required level of performance needed.

  • Examination of the practical options available to close the performance gap between identified As-Is and To-Be states.

  • Identification of ‘route blockers’ that interfere with progress.

  • Identification and learning from what currently exists to help achieve success.

  • Defining the behaviours that need to be in place and repositioning of mind-sets to generate agreed actions.

  • Implementation of agreed actions.

  • Programme review and feedback.

Type of Programme

Hands-on challenging discussion and analytical approach designed to establish what exists and what still needs to be done to improve fleet safety. In partnership with the client we establish targets and set in place the skills and processes needed to achieve set goals.


Programme lengths depends on the level and extent of the project. Delivered on client premises.


The 'Fleet Safety Management' programme concentrates on identifying the current 'AS-IS' and the future 'TO-BE' status, then establishing the steps needed to close identified gaps. Our focus is on creating a High Challenge and High Support set of conditions, underpinned with a robust coaching structure that gets to the heart of the situation.

Getting the vehicle safety culture right reduces a business' Loss Claim Ration' 

Programme outcomes include:

  • Reducing the number of vehicle accidents by (agreed amount) %.

  • Reducing the cost of vehicle repair by (agreed amount) %.

  • Fine tuning of the current processes and behaviours needed to achieve improved results.

  • Delivering the correct level of intervention to each operational unit in line with performance gap requirements

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