Get2grips with …. is our flexible series of general business training programmes. Each training programme is designed to improve employee performance in line with specific business needs. They are suitable for all employees. 

Training material has been developed to provide participants with the tools and knowledge needed to ‘make a difference’ at work. Every element is business focussed, designed to capture the potential that everyone has, then release it into the organisation in a targeted manner.

Our aim is to deliver a powerful training course that matches business and personal needs. Programmes can be delivered as a one off or part of a blended suite of products that best satisfy the needs of the client.

Get2Grips with... Business Training Programmes

Select your course from any of the options below and Get2Grips with...

  • Motivating people to succeed.

  • Maximising the time you have available.

  • Improving the performance of your staff.

  • Selecting and recruiting the right people.

  • Dealing with difficult people and winning them around.

  • Making effective and enlightening presentations.

  • Maximising and developing supervisory skills and behaviours.

  • Energising your team and improving how they work together.

  • Getting the job done on time and achieving the right result.

  • Communicating wisely and removing misunderstandings from the workplace.

  • Building confidence in yourself and your employees.

  • Train the trainer.

  • Continually improving your business.

  • Reducing employee turnover.

  • Monitoring employee attitudes and using the findings for the businesses benefit.

  • Solving problems and continuous improvement.

Get2Grips with... your employees development and maximise the benefits from your investment

Other L&D Programme Themes and Options

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