The programme

We have all seen the celebrities on the TV in the jungle and said I could do that, well can you? have you got what it takes to survive and be successful in the challenges we have set for you? Your host is Anton Deck and he will ensure you have a good time on this engaging team building away day.

We cannot guarantee each meal will consist of 5 courses and I believe crickets taste nice this time of the year, however, lets leave judgement on that to the people undertaking that particular challenge.

I'm an Employee Get Me Out of Here

Team Building Training

Who is I'm an Employee for?

Quite simply, teams and people that have a sense of adventure, want to be stretched and develop a winning team mentality, in an environment that is different and full of surprises.

Programme structure

Arrival at a secret camp, where is it? what is going to happen to us? will we be scared? will it be fun? the answer is YES to all these questions.


After everyone has settled down starting to relax the team building challenges begin. Stars will need to be earned so you will have to work hard not to let your colleagues down. Throughout the day the challenges come thick and fast and there will definitely be something for everyone, either individually or as a team activity. Don’t forget at any time you can shout ‘I’m an employee get me out of here’ but that may not go down too well with your team mates.

Once all the team challenges are complete and stars earned, the main course is served and everyone gets to have some Hors d'oeuvre.

Take a look at the attached movie to get a feel for what will happen when you take part.

Type of Programme

Fun and action packed team development day which is full of entertainment, where laughter is not restricted and memories are formed.  Just turn up in your easy to manoeuvre clothes, which you don't mind getting dirty. It's definitely the type of event you can roll your sleeves up and get stuck in. 


1 day


I'm an Employee get me out of here challenges vary from physical to mental with some in between, each is designed to stretch those involved not terrify them. The  atmosphere is  competitive, tension high and what's around the next corner is kept a secret.

'I'm an employee get me out of here' is fun and a great team day out, phone 01822 854882 to take part and create some memories

Sitting by a camp fire is so relaxing

There is something about sitting around a camp fire reflecting on life, but not for too long as the peace is broken when the next team member goes off to face their challenge, which if successful will win stars and reward for their team.

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