The programme

'Impact Leadership Challenge' is a business improvement programme that equips managers and supervisors with the skills to improve their leadership, team and operational performance. Each programme lasts for 8 weeks and concentrates on bringing to life sustainable business improvement.

£1m Impact Challenge

Leadership Development Training

Who is Impact for?

Impact is suitable for all businesses that are looking to improve margins and performance. Line managers at all levels are welcome to join in the challenge. 

Programme Structure

Module 1

5 day workshop that equips participants with the skills, attitudes and behaviours needed to improve business performance. Themes covered within our 'get 2 grips with.....' knowledge intervention sessions include:

  • Skills and behaviour analysis

  • Paradoxical mind-set and thinking

  • Group facilitation

  • Delivering effective feedback

  • Team development

  • Problem solving and solution implementation

  • Change management

  • Performance coaching.


All discussions are set in a workplace context, with participants exploring how they can develop their business and achieve sustainable continuous improvement.

Module 2

Implementation of a business improvement ‘make a difference’ project, over a 7 week period. As we only remember 7% of training material after 30 days, this module is crucial in reinforcing and developing the key skills covered, as well as offering an opportunity to achieve immediate measurable success.

Module 3

1 day follow up workshop, focusing on sharing best practice from each project and recognising success. More importantly, this module is designed to consolidate learning and make ongoing continuous improvement more likely in the workplace.

Type of Programme

Impact is a practical programme with a blend of discussion and workplace application. The goal is to achieve as much positive measurable impact for an attendees organisation.

Duration and delivery schedule


8 weeks. Module 1 - 5 days, Module 2 - 7 weeks, Module 3 - 1 day


Impact is a unique opportunity to deliver business improvements and equip employees with an expanded skills base. We work with the delegates to explore the skills and opportunities needed to improve performance, after which, they implement a series of actions that both embed the skills and realise rewards for all. 

Impact improves workplace performance and team motivation

The £1m Impact Challenge


The ‘Impact £1m challenge’ has been created to provide businesses with an opportunity to achieve higher productivity and more profit. The goal is simple 'Contribute £1m to participating companies by 1 September 2018'. Each business keeps the money they are responsible for generating.


Are you ready for the challenge? Does your business want better margins, enhanced productivity and sales? Can you afford not to take part?

We have created the challenge, but you will get the rewards

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