The programme

'Impact Team Challenge' is a business improvement programme that provides employees, at all levels, with an opportunity to improve teamwork, operational performance and increase margins. Each programme lasts for 2 weeks and concentrates on bringing sustainable business improvement to life. As with our 'Impact Leadership Challenge' event, this programme feeds into the £1m Impact Challenge. Get involved. 

£1m Impact Team Challenge

Team Development Training

Who is the Impact Team Challenge for?

Impact Team Challenge is suitable for all businesses that are looking to improve margins and performance. Teams at all levels are welcome to join in the challenge. 

Programme Structure

Module 1

A fantastic team building day that is loaded with activities designed to get teams performing at their best and generate money for their business’. We concentrate on saving money, increasing productivity, reducing waste, enhancing customer satisfaction, in fact all the things needed to improve performance in the current economic climate.

Throughout the day projected financial gains made by each team are fed into a collective pot, actual gains remain with the teams who achieve them. Teams undertake a series of team building and fun challenges that lead to one team being crowned champions. Fact, the imagination, drive and commitment needed to achieve success during the day are all important factors needed to ensure success is reached back in the workplace.

Impact Team Challenge has been developed to add value to those businesses taking part and deliver financial benefits through:

  • reducing waste and unproductive effort

  • increasing team productivity

  • improving customer satisfaction

  • maximising profits

  • setting clear and concise team goals

  • improving teamwork and communication

  • heightening the sense of achievement

  • enhancing team performance

  • motivating teams with 'can do' mind-sets.


Module 2

Implementation of a business improvement ‘make a difference’ project, over a 12 day period. This module is crucial in reinforcing and developing the key skills covered, but more importantly, offering a direct opportunity to add value to each participating business. We want to 'make a difference' through proactive engagement.

Module 3

1 day follow up for one member from each team. We focus on ensuring best practice from each project is shared, success calculated and recognition given to each successful team. More importantly, this module is designed to consolidate learning and make ongoing continuous improvement more likely in the workplace.

Type of Programme

Impact is a practical programme with a blend of discussion and workplace application. The goal is to achieve as much measurable positive impact as possible for attendees business.

Duration and delivery schedule

2 weeks. Module 1 - 1 day, Module 2 - 12 days, Module 3 - 1 day (one member from each team).


This programme concentrates the mind on improvements and what can be achieved by those with the desire to win. It's time to find out how much money your team can make for your business. Impact is a unique opportunity to deliver business improvements and equip employees with an expanded skills base. We work with the delegates to explore the skills and opportunities needed to improve performance, after which, they implement a series of actions that both embed the skills and realise rewards. 

Impact is designed to improve workplace performance and team motivation

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