The programme

We energise, utilise and extend entrepreneurial team skills. But more importantly, capitalise on the way things used to be when getting the job done meant using the simple techniques, which are still important in this modern world.

Tall Ships are complex, requiring a full compliment of crew to sail them around the clock, it would not surprise you, that the skills needed to do this are the same as those needed to ensure an organisation works effectively. Working aloft sets new standards in leadership, team working and communication, making this programme varied, challenging, exciting and demanding.

Everybody is a new starter on these ships, a truly status free environment for everybody. On a Tall Ship just like a business there are no passengers, only stakeholders.


Team Development Training

Who is Navigator for?

Navigator is for teams at all levels, the environment is status free and a great level playing field where all experience is valuable. It is ideally suited to teams from the same business, who can work together to develop their thinking and options for their workplace challenges.

Programme Structure

Development environment

The ship is a self-contained business community, the running of the ship is in fact a parallel to running a business but more concentrated and demanding. When you are aboard a Tall Ship, all your senses are alive, it is thrilling, your ability to learn is unbelievable, you just know this memory will last forever.

The sailing challenge

Formal training and practical study in seamanship / navigation takes place, and on completion you will take control of the vessel. Everyone is assigned to one of four watches, and all watch member will take part in all duties required to run the ship.

The workplace challenge

To develop and implement the team working skills needed back in the workplace, shipmates keep a development log and produce an action plan for implementation upon return to work.  Throughout the voyage development coaches will be briefing / de-briefing and running performance reviews.

The whole venture is centred on the question of “how will you apply what you have learned on your return to work?“

Type of Programme

A very hands on experience from the moment you step on board. A true blended learning environment where everyone steps out of the comfort zone directly into the learning zone. 

Duration and delivery schedule

Either a 3 or 5 day event


If you have ever asked this question “do we need to improve our teamwork” and the answer is “yes”, then this programme is for you. We generate the motivation needed to perform beyond the training event, taking delegates into a sustainable learning zone, only limited by their willingness to seek out future opportunities.

Navigator is centred on the question “how will I apply my learning back in the workplace?“

There's more to be gained at sea than getting wet


Navigating yourself through the demanding and stormy seas of 21st Century industry and commerce, fostering innovation, creative thinking, focused entrepreneurship and sound teamwork are the key challenges for today's employers.

‘Navigator’ drives important lessons home that life in work depends on teamwork, therefore we’ve created an ‘experience’ that concentrates the mind on what is needed from all employees on this 3 or 6 day event. Lessons learnt are transferable back into the workplace. Click on the following link and watch a video about Navigator.

Alternative Team Development Programmes

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