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Reach Another Level launch the Impact £1m leadership and team challenge

The ‘Impact £1m challenge’ is a leadership and team development challenge, created to provide Devon businesses with an opportunity to achieve higher productivity and more profit. The goal is simple 'Employees generate £1m for their businesses by 1 September 2018'. Each business keeps the money they are responsible for generating.


Are you ready for the challenge? Does your business want better margins, enhanced productivity and sales? Can you afford not to take part? We have created the challenge, but you will get the rewards.

To discuss this and other business improvement training programmes Tel: 01822 854882 or email for more information.

Your first 100 days as a manager!


We’ve been reading this and there’s one thing RAL and MT agree with - your first 100 days will be crucial to being successful as a leader. There article outlines why

To help managers overcome the barriers and challenges faced in this first 100 days we have developed a programme that will help. Take a look at our A Manager’s First 100 Days training offering and take your new role by storm.

Tel: 01822 854882


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