The programme

Creating sustainable organisational performance improvements through the engagement and input of employees is critical to the ongoing development of all businesses. To help businesses facilitate people focussed performance improvement we have created this dynamic OD (Organisational Development) programme. 

Attendees explore the key components, responsibilities, skills and applicable interventions of OD, then through a coaching approach they create an implementable plan to take back to work.   

Organisation Development Training

Who is OD in Action for?

Key personnel with responsibility for bringing about change in the workplace and striving to improve performance through their teams and employees. 

Subjects Covered
  • Fundamentals and characteristics of OD.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of OD.

  • Key OD stakeholders, their responsibilities and required skills and behaviours.

  • Key stages of the OD process and delivery models.

  • OD interventions for individuals, teams and organisations.

  • OD coaching skills.

  • Implementation process and success factors.

Type of Programme

Discussion based event which uses topic focus material to prompt 'take back to work thinking'. Coaching is used throughout to create insight and action. As they progress, delegates complete an action planning tool, bouncing thoughts and ideas of each other to directly make the connection between concept and action. 


3 days


OD is not a fad its been around a very long time. Often attributed to the work of Kurt Lewin, who focussed on what is now often referred to as Neuro Science. OD, when approached in the right way, works and offers many benefits to organisations of all sizes. This programme concentrates on building an understanding of OD, in the context of participants organisations, then focusses on the process and interventions needed to achieve success and sustainable business improvement. 

OD is a systems approach that brings out the best in all employees and organisations

Why should you attend this OD programme?
  • Improve your organisational performance and profitability.

  • Facilitate your organisations ability to better adapt to external and internal environments and associated changes.

  • Enhance your employees involvement to solve problems and develop creative solutions.

  • Create productive behaviours  such as building trust, support and rapport across teams and functional areas.

  • Understand all points of view and opening up communication

  • Generate a Continuous improvement culture that transcends set programmes.

  • Realise your employees full potential.

  • Greater motivation and job satisfaction

Alternative Change, Transition and OD Programmes

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