The programme

Slow speed manoeuvring accidents are one of the largest causes of business disruption and unnecessary cost in all commercial operations. To reduce the negative impact to both insurers and businesses Reach Another Level has developed a training programme designed to make manoeuvring less costly and with reduced risk.

Slow Speed Manoeuvring Training

Who is the Vehicle Safety Management programme for?

All employees of company vehicles. Specifically drivers and operations experiencing medium to high accident frequency rates.

Programme contents
  • Consequences of accidents and the driver’s role in reducing accidents, reporting all collisions and applying corrective actions.

  • Correct use of steering and mirrors.

  • Use of vision sight lines.

  • Blind spots and vehicle design.

  • Planning manoeuvres.

  • Identifying obstacles and reducing hazards.

  • Importance of driver perception.

  • Parking in confined spaces.

  • Safe use of manoeuvring assistance from others (Banksman).

  • Hazard spotting, spot risk assessment and risk assessment reporting.

  • Slow speed manoeuvring Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

  • The importance of providing feedback and team coaching.

Type of Programme

Hands on practical driving and observation, backed up with briefings and discussions. Three attendees per 3 hour session.


3 Hour sessions - max 3 drivers

Delivered on client’s premises, the programme targets action each driver needs to take to minimise risk and improve performance. Each driver undertakes a structured and validated assessment of their knowledge and driving competence in all relevant disciplines. Individual reports are  submitted to the business for record and follow up purposes.

A slow speed accident can be just as expensive as a high speed accident

Programme outcomes include:

  • Completing a 'Slow Speed Manoeuvring' knowledge gain questionnaire.

  • Knowing current accident performance, trends and subsequent consequences.

  • Undertaking training to target the skills and awareness needed to safely manoeuvre vehicles into confined spaces.

  • Being observed and providing feedback to other trainees.

  • Sitting a slow speed manoeuvring test, conducted under controlled conditions.

  • Completion of a final 'Knowledge Gain Questionnaire' to determine level of learning acquired.

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