The programme

‘TeamTime’ is an action-packed team and personal development adventure situated in either a host of UK city centres (London, Chester, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol, Plymouth) or tranquil countryside locations.


The programmes are designed to engage employees in team enhancement techniques, and improve their individual and organisational effectiveness.

The answers to the questions below are explored within this programme, which offers a fun-packed and challenging opportunity to enhance team performance. ‘TeamTime’ works.

Team Time

Team Building Training

Who is TeamTime for?

Teams and businesses that need to achieve operational objectives and maximum performance. Whether they are a new or existing team looking to resolve operational shortfalls, this programme is suitable for them. We can accommodate up to six teams all working independently at the same event.

Programme structure

‘Team Time’ requires teams ‘to identify the name of an object and find its location. However, this is only part of the format, specific business/team goals are agreed with clients before the event and we work on these throughout the day.  

To achieve the ‘TeamTime’ goal a series of clues must be found then used to crack a code, which will lead to the hidden object. However, its not that straight forward, the whole team will need to work together on a series of challenges (running in parallel to the clue hunting), these are designed to test team skills and collective contribution. There are no passengers during TeamTime.
The programme is designed to replicate a 'day in the life of a busy workplace' and is loaded with situations and activity we all face on a daily basis. The key messages delivered are linked to our 'get 2 grips with... getting the job done' profile, which includes the following key components, all required by teams and individuals to achieve success in a wide range of organisational perspectives:

  • Supporting each other

  • Developing a plan

  • Organising the team

  • Managing time effectively

  • Establishing objective's

  • Delegating effectively

  • Motivating each other

  • Recognising achievement

  • Breaking the job down into logical steps

  • Making adjustments and continuously improving

  • Gaining commitment

  • Leading by example and role modelling

  • Communicating wisely

  • Actively listening

  • Being creative

Type of Programme

A hands-on practical fun day in either a city or countryside location of your choice.  

Duration and delivery schedule

1 day


All the activity parallels life in work. When teams leave they take with them a personal commitment from the lessons learnt and a spirit that will improve performance in the workplace.

'TeamTime’ is a great day and helps to create GREAT TEAMS. To take part on this adventure phone 01822 854882

Have you ever asked these questions about the teams in your business?
  • What improvements are required for them to reach another level in their performance?
  • What is holding them back from realising their full potential?
  • Are team members aware of each other's qualities?
  • What do we need to do NOW to achieve better results?
Alternative Team Development Programmes

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