The programme

The 'Big Picture' is a high impact team challenge that utilises cinema and the medium of film to fully engage with all participants. This team building programme provides teams with an exciting enjoyable and spectacular day’s entertainment.

Throughout the day teams will work together to make a film about their chosen work topic. Which will be shown in all its glory during an end of day screening for all to see. Topics can be anything, here are some for starters: How to be a great team? our new product or service, achieving our goals, what we are going to do to gain more customers, etc. etc. etc.  

The Big Picture

Team Building Training

Who is The Big Picture for?

Teams and businesses that are striving to achieve high performance, focus and clarity in the workplace.

Programme structure

On arrival teams are introduced to their working environment for the day and briefed by the mystery producer via the big screen. Kit is issued and the fun begins.


All teams are charged with making their own video on their chosen topic, full support is given throughout. There are opportunities to get ice cream, served by our ushers, they know more than they are letting on, sometimes you just need to ask the right questions. On completion of the videos, all are previewed on the big screen.


Tangible team benefits include:

  • Engagement in a team development process that actively challenges the team’s needs.

  • Building a process of successful teamwork through its key stages.

  • Enjoying the event and wanting to do more, we capture enthusiasm.

  • Feeling valued and being able to contribute effectively.

  • Supporting colleagues in a way that promotes active team membership and role sharing.

  • Working towards a common goal.

  • Exploring team dynamics in a fun and fulfilling way.

  • Enhancing review and continuous improvement methodologies.

Type of Programme

A hands on, fun day, loaded with opportunities to help people reflect on what is happening back at work and how to put things right. All team members are encouraged to talk and take up the challenges proactively throughout the day. There is no lecturing just supportive coaching to raise the challenge and bring to life more possibilities.


1 day


A great day's team entertainment with a very specific Purpose for each team. Teams are asked before they turn up, what it is they need to get from the experience and what would success look like?.

'The Big Picture' where success relies on more than a good camera - phone 01822 854882 to get involved

What does the programme deliver?

Energised teamwork and insight into a team’s potential, ability and above all determination to create a work related product or solution linked to a business need. Delivery in these areas is achieved through the application of skills that are directly transferable back into the workplace. These skills include:

  • planning

  • communication

  • teamwork

  • leadership

  • creativity

  • innovation

  • support.

Alternative Team Development Programmes

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