The programme

This workshop follows the 'Collision Investigation' programme, ensuring, through Root Cause Analysis, risk management lessons are learnt then applied.

Our team includes ex police accident investigation officers who link their skills into the collision investigation process, providing participants with essential accident investigation skills. 

Vehicle Accident Root Cause Analysis Training

Who is the Collision Investigation programme for?

Attendees should include managers, specialists and driver trainers with responsibility for risk management and investigating, through Root Cause Analysis the more serious collision investigations involving company drivers.

Programme topic contents

Topics covered on the 'Collision Investigation' course are explored in greater depth as we build a portfolio of options working from a simple situation through to a complex investigation. Contents includes:

Document and procedural review. Targeting compliance shortfall and what is required from those involved at depot level in the process.

  • Reviewing and modifying risk assessment documents to further reduce risk and embed the changes into ‘business as usual’.

  • Reviewing post accident reports and clarifying information gathered to determine what needs to happen next.  

  • Carrying out detailed root cause analysis to determine cause, responsibility and reporting requirements. 

  • Expansion of accident investigation interview, rapport building, listening skills etc. and applying them to complex investigations.

  • What to look for at the scene of accidents, helping to build a clear picture of what happened and why.

  • Exploration of the role of the police, insurance companies, environmental health etc. in the investigation of vehicle accidents.

  • Discussing the current legal requirements linked to the reporting of accidents and production of supporting information (Woolf Report).

  • Producing a comprehensive and valid report that satisfies all internal and external requirements. 

  • Explore the current issues and examine what can be done to improve reporting and process standards.

Type of Programme

A hands on event, which uses generic case study material and accident records from your business. We explore the Root Cause process aligned to real accidents to embed the process and investigation skills at an operational level.  


2 day event preferably run on client's premises


Getting this process right and carrying it out, when applicable, at the right time can have a significant impact on Insurance Premiums, Loss Claims Ratio, Civil claims and ensuring blame can either be accepted or defended positively. This programme sets in place the key components of collision investigation and more importantly the skills and awareness needed to deliver success. 

Getting to the root of the problem stops the same events happening over and over again

Programme outcomes include:

On completion of the training delegates will be able to:

  • Complete a detailed Root Cause Analysis investigation. 

  • Ensure accident records are complete.

  • Conduct comprehensive interviews with staff and third parties. 

  • Visit and review the scene of accidents to validate, clarify and record relevant information. 

  • Construct accident 'time lines'.

  • Complete and submit a comprehensive accident report.

  • Implement appropriate action to prevent reoccurrence (when possible).

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