Fleet Accident Investigation & Risk Management Programmes

65% of company vehicles are involved in accidents each year.?


  • True cost of vehicle accidents can be as much as 8 times the 'bent metal' cost. our Impact training course helps reduce the attached cost.

  • Proactive accident investigation training reduces insurance premiums.

  • Research from Fleet Support Group shows that for every fleet driver involved in an accident, the employer will have to sell more than £22,000 of additional products or services to cover the costs. Therefore, a question all fleet managers should ask is 'how can I reduce our commercial fleet insurance?' - 'Impact' helps provide the answer.

The creation of Impact

Impact was created after extensive risk management work in the logistics and warehousing industry enabled us to identify performance and skills gaps in collision investigation and subsequent creation of vehicle accident reports. These shortfalls have led to high costs being carried by businesses that run commercial (Inc. company cars) fleets and the insurance companies that they use.

Both Aviva (insurance) and Marsh (brokers) were involved in the piloting of 'Impact', and their feedback along with clients who have attended the workshops has lead to the creation of robust solutions that makes a positive difference in:

  • reducing risk for employees and the public

  • reducing cost for insurance companies, insured businesses and their customers

  • creating sustainability in the current economic climate

All too often the process that is followed after an accident results in merely the completion of 'vehicle accident report' form> In most cases this does not paint a complete picture of events or help reduce the likelihood of another accident happening. In fact, the information generated falls way short of that required to defend a claim if future action is taken against a business.

Impact has been created to improve collision investigation skills, create robust vehicle accident reports, improve safety and reduce the cost of accidents for all parties including insurers, brokers and insured businesses.


A 1-day workshop that equips first line managers with the skills needed to carry out an immediate investigation of all accidents from the time of a collision. This 1-Day module provides all of the answers and skills to make this happen effectively.

This 2-day workshop develops the skills and processes needed to complete in-depth investigations into vehicle accidents. This root cause approach helps a business identify what went wrong and why, so corrective action can be implemented.

Slow speed manoeuvring accidents are one of the largest causes of business disruption and unnecessary cost in all commercial operations. This training programme is designed to make manoeuvring less costly, with reduced risk.


A facilitated programme that embeds vehicle safety culture and behaviours into a business, which supports and maintains the reduction of vehicle accidents and associated cost for a business, its customers and their insurers.

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